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Gary was born in the small midwest town of Valentine, Nebraska.  The first years of his life were filled with musical influences of artists such as Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams.  "My two brothers, Bill and Don, would play guitar and sing songs that these artists made popular . . .  and of course dad [Claude], a great fiddle player who performed at local dances in the area, was also an inspiration to me," says Gary.  It was in those years that Gary took an interest in playing guitar.  He said he used to go around the house with mom's small furniture duster pretending it was a guitar and playing up a storm.

When Gary was nine, the family moved to the small Black Hills town of Hot Springs, South Dakota.  It was there when he was in his late teens that Gary started writing his first songs.

At age 21 Gary wed Mary, a rancher's daughter from Hot Springs, and moved to eastern South Dakota to attend engineering school.  In those years of college, Gary formed a band and played steakhouses and wedding dances throughout southeast South Dakota.

About five years later, he got a small label contract and recorded the single, When It Comes To Love, that made the top 10 chart of serveral local radio stations.  His family of wife Mary and two children, Audrey and Quentin, then moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he continues his hobby of writing songs while working in engineering/computer technology for the manufacturing industry.

Lately, Gary finished recording several of his songs and the result is his debut CD simply entitled Gary Glenwood.  "This collection of some of my songs is a mixture of shades in the color of my country music style.  I wanted each one to have a little different sound than the one before it," Gary explains "and thanks to my producer (Ric Latina), my cowriters (Rick Beresford, Danny Potter, Bob Pennington, and Don Kaplan), all the great pickers, and background vocalists on the tracks - I got just what I wanted."

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